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Dragonwell Green Tea

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Tea Sampler Pack

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Lumbo-sacral Cushions

Small (11”x8”), soft 7.1 oz

Pack of 2 $30.00

Small (11”x8”), firm 8.8 oz

Pack of 2 $32.00

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When Dr. Xiang finds products of exceptional quality in China that are not available in the United States, he brings them back for his clients. If there is not a product available in any country that meets his expectations or the special needs of his clients and patients, he designs one himself.Now he's making some of them available to you! Check back often for new additions.

See below for more information about green teas, cushions, braces, and pillows.

Dr. Xiang's Teas - direct from China

Dragon's Well Tea

This tea (also known as “Lung Ching”) is one of the most prized teas in China and famous green teas in the world. While it is cultivated in nearby areas, its provenance—and location of the highest quality Dragon's Well—is in the high-altitude mountains of the Zhejiang province. Dr. Xiang's family is from this area, so every year around the end of March when he returns home, he visits a trusted farmer there, who supplies him with the freshest tea leaves to bring directly to San Francisco and his clients. He is the only "importer" of this exact special tea. The additional secret to the mild and fresh taste of Dr. Xiang's tea is the timing of the harvest. He gets the first picking of the year, before the leaves dry on the plant and—even more important—before spraying pesticides is necessary.

This tea has a surprisingly delicate and mellow, yet complex and full-bodied, taste. It has a fresh and nutty aroma and flavor, with a slightly sweet aftertaste. You can even let the whole leaves float loose in your cup and eat them when done with your tea! Even in the leaves there is none of that familiar bitterness that is so common with even gourmet green teas. You'll never have to worry about steeping your tea too long again. And, just a pinch of the bright green, dried leaves lasts a few rounds of water, giving you more enjoyment and saving you money at the same time. From dried to the first to last infusion, this tea's beautiful, fresh green color begs to be seen through a clear glass. You will also be surprised at the transformation of the hand-picked, pan-dried flat whole leaves back into tender, full leaves that look like they were picked from the plant just seconds before.

Benefits of Green Tea

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the benefits of green tea. Many respected scientific studies have proven what the Chinese have known for thousands of years—green tea promotes health and long life. It provides a high concentration of antioxidants, including vitamin C and the much more powerful EGCG, which support the immune system and destroy free radicals, helping to prevent cancer. It has also been shown to lower risk of stroke and heart disease, and to reduce bad cholesterol AND raise good cholesterol, one of the most common health issues in America today. You can also lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, and even your weight by drinking green tea daily.

In addition to the important benefits just described, green tea serves as a healthy and effective cleanser—from your insides out! It is a good antidote to greasy food, even helping decrease your discomfort after a large meal. Green tea can also combat the oil you produce, in addition to that you ingest: just dip a cotton pad in the cooled green tea water and swipe over your skin. It helps to clear away the oil on your skin and reduce further production. Dr. Xiang has many teenaged clients who use this affordable method for calming acne. Finally, the antioxidant power of tea is not just beneficial when drunk, but also when applied to skin. Green tea extracts are now added to countless department store facial treatments including cleansers, toners, and creams—both for its cleansing properties and its power to fight free radicals and prevent further damage from pollution and the sun.

Back Cushions - "Relax your back"

Dr. Xiang himself has known the extreme discomfort that comes from sitting for extended periods while suffering from back pain. He looked high and low for a back cushion that would give him support and relief from his once-troublesome multiple herniated disks, but could not find one that was just right…so he designed one himself!

Now you can benefit from Dr. Xiang's personal solution: he offers cushions with two different densities and strap locations for the most common places you find yourself sitting for long periods—the office and the car. Some people choose to use the same portable cushion, transferring it from the home to the car to the office and back, but others prefer the custom options. And not only did he design slightly different cushions for the variations between those seats and purposes, but he also thought to offer different sizes. It may seem obvious, but how many times do women lament that a chair or product is obviously made by a man for men?!

These back cushions relax your lower back for relief and prevention of back tension and/or pain. In addition, they help promote healthy posture while seated and once you stand up. An added bonus is the removable, machine-washable black or royal blue covers.


Dr. Xiang was having problems finding good joint braces for his own use as well as his patients'. Some slipped, others irritated skin, and many didn't breathe or distribute pressure evenly. One day, he was inspired by the fabric of a common clothing item, and he crafted his own brace, made from elasticized but breathable cotton-blend material that is surprisingly comfortable yet supportive. After a few adjustments, he finalized his design and commissioned a line of machine-washable elbow, knee, and ankle braces, which continue to be produced by relatives of Dr. Xiang in China. These lightweight, completely flexible braces are tight enough to stay on the targeted area without slipping, yet loose enough to be so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing one. They are firm enough to apply supportive pressure, relieving pain and containing movement, while still being loose enough to allow sufficient blood circulation to the entire extremity. Try one of Dr. Xiang's braces and you'll believe that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!


Dr. Xiang has come up with another amazing product as a result of being disappointed after personally trying all the available choices in the market—this time with anatomically correct pillows. There are plenty of companies now that sell pillows claiming to offer better support for people suffering with head, neck, and back problems. Soft, hard, memory foam, curved, and other varieties can each certainly be an improvement over traditional pillows—but for only 1 sleeping position. What if you want to turn on your side, but your pillow is made for sleeping on one's back only? And vice-versa?

Dr. Xiang's revolutionary design makes so much sense, it is a wonder that it hasn't been invented before. His patent-pending “U-Pillow” is made for sleeping in any position you like. “U” describes the shape of the pillow and also the fact that he has all of “YOU” in mind! Your head fits in the cradle that is formed by the foam shape, allowing for both full neck support and a natural head/neck angle while lying on your back, yet if you turn on to either side in your sleep, the raised part of the pillow will then support your head so that your neck remains aligned with the rest of your spine.

This pillow comes with removable covering for easy washing and care, and can be used without additional pillowcases. If you prefer to have all of your bedding match, you can also place the U-pillow in a pillow case of your choice. Try one if you're having any stiffness, cricks, or problems sleeping, and you'll never go back to a "regular" pillow again!

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