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"Who would have thought that acupuncture could relieve my pain almost immediately, and actually help heal a physical injury!"

Dr.Kun Xiang, O. M. D., L.Ac.
2929 Kirkham St.
San Francisco, CA 94122
Tel: 415-567-9990
Fax: 415-661-8569
Los Gatos Health Well Center

Patient Dalyn Chew, Smuin Ballet Dancer

Success Stories

Record of success in dealing with pain & injuries

Dr. Xiang is, not surprisingly, a firm believer in both acupuncture and his skill as a doctor. But what is surprising is the success he has had in treating himself. He has had 7 herniated disks, and yet he plays vigorous tennis matches 3 times a week! When he was first diagnosed with herniated disks, he even scheduled surgery because his pain was so excruciating, and he was told an operation was the only solution. But while waiting, he decided to design a course of acupuncture treatment for himself to relieve some of the pain. Well, it worked so well that he cancelled his surgery and never rescheduled it and that was over 18 years ago! This is hard to believe for many, so Dr. Xiang keeps a series of MRIs of his spine at his office so that clients can see for themselves his painful-looking condition. He can also show you a recent video of himself playing tennis, but just watching him walk around the office seems impressive after looking at the MRIs. He has and will continue to successfully treat himself non-invasively, since there are so many dangers associated with any surgery, let alone spine surgery.

Find out what Dr. Xiang can do for your back, whether just tense and painful from wear and tear, or injured from a car or workplace accident.

Dr. Xiang worked for years in an office adjoining some chiropractors. One day, the chiropractorís sister, who was visiting from Arizona, injured her ankle badly and even feared it was broken. After an x-ray showed no break, the doctor she saw gave her a pain pill and said there was nothing more that could be done but to try to stay off it as much as possible for a few weeks, ice it, and take pain medicine. The chiropractor thought to bring her to work with him the next day to see if Dr. Xiang could help. After just one treatment, she was able to walk without crutches. After more visits the following week, she felt 100% back to normal, with no pills, no downtime, and no relapse!

"Thank goodness my husband worked next to Dr. Xiang. Who would have thought that acupuncture could relieve my pain almost immediately, and actually help heal a physical injury!"
S.L. twisted her ankle during a strenuous workout while training at the Police Academy, and was referred to acupuncture by a chiropractic doctor. She was able to return to the Academy immediately after her first acupuncture treatment and had full use of her ankle after 4 visits. She eventually graduated with her fellow police officers from the same class, barely missing any required training due to the injury.
P.J., who seriously sprained her ankle during a ski trip, was taken to a hospital emergency room for x-rays. The x-rays did not show any broken bones, but the ankle was severely bruised and swollen. The emergency room doctor prescribed pain killers and said, "This is all I can do for you," in addition to telling her to rest. Her sister then brought her to Dr. Kun Xiang's office for acupuncture. She walked into his office with crutches and was able to walk out without them in just one treatment! After just three treatments, her ankle looked and felt normal again.
P.L., who was involved in auto accident, suffered from a herniated disc and sciatica. His medical doctor had recommended surgery for his pain. He reluctantly agreed to the surgery, but in the meantime, he decided to give Dr. Kun Xiang's acupuncture a try. After his first acupuncture treatment, he immediately felt much better. He started out with two sessions per week for two weeks, then dropped down to one session per week for six weeks. Needless to say, he cancelled his surgery and was able to continue his favorite hobby, tennis.


As more couples are starting families later in life, there are increasing numbers facing difficulties conceiving. Dr. Xiang has successfully treated both women and men, helping bless numerous couples with healthy children. Bringing his training and wisdom passed through the centuries from China, where family is so important, he treats many of his own clients. When he was in a different location, he also used to serve couples visiting the Stanford Fertility Center.

"I thought that since my wife and I were in our early 40s and having difficulty conceiving a child, that it just wasnít in the cards for us. But we decided to try one more thing, and visited Dr. Xiang a few times for fertility treatments. Then I was tested again, and the count AND activity [of sperm] had gone way up! A couple months later my wife was pregnant, and now we have a beautiful daughter. Thank you, Dr. K!"
"For over a year, I was having trouble getting pregnant, but I didít have a lot of money to spend on fertility treatments. Plus I was afraid of invasive, and possibly painful, procedures. My friend went to Dr. Xiang for stress relief, so she suggested I try acupuncture to increase my chances. I figured I had nothing to lose, and maybe acupuncture would help me feel better overall too. Well, after 4 visits, I became pregnant! Who knows what made it happen, but I believe it was Dr. Xianís specialized treatments. Plus, why argue with thousands of years of a refined approach?"

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